There are two ways to change a country: through revolution and evolution. Revolution is when you get some people who don’t like what is happening, they plan and change everything at once. But that is very difficult. And at times, it can be violent.


“The easier one is through evolution where you change the country gradually. If you have a leader who is not good, you change that leader. If you have a policy which is not good, you change it. If you have a behaviour which is not good, you bring a national reorientation to change that behaviour.

“One of the greatest instruments for changing any society is young people. One thing I want you to take away from here is that don’t think about being leaders of tomorrow. Think about being leaders of today. And we believe that young people should be leaders of today and not leaders of tomorrow.

“If there is going to be a phenomenal change in Nigeria, it is in the hands of young people because old people are more difficult to change than young people. Young people are dynamic, innovative, creative and they have the capacity to change.

The Young Ambassador’s for Development (YAD) Leadership Literacy Programme started with introduction to YAD and what is leadership. The young teens learnt that a great leader can inspire others, help his/her team tackle difficult issues, reach good decisions and produces results that benefits all.

Day 1-Monday 23rd August 2021

Sustainable development goals, early stage training on web design for beginners using freelancer and basic Canva graphic design were the courses the YAD teens learnt. They through diagrammatic expression explained their perfect world. The basic Canva motivated the young teen and creative Canva designs.

Day 2-Tuesday 24th August 2021

The highlight for the teens was an excursion to the office of the Chief of Staff to the Deputy Senate President, Dr Otive Igbuzor. They had extensive interactive session with the COS.

Take home of the visit was the advisory by the chief of staff for young people to prepare themselves to lead for today not just for tomorrow.

Day 3-Wednesday 25th August 2021

Young teens at the training practicalized team building and communication/listening skills courses through role plays and games. As transformational leaders, they must be able to listen, pass information effectively and build efficient teams.

Day 4-Thursday 26th August 2021

The final day was emotional and exciting for the young teen as the round up with 21st century computer skills and vision of a leader. They can now use Scratch software to create basic animations.

The high was the graduation ceremony where teen won gift prizes and got some goodies as well at the end of their literacy competition.

Day 5-Friday 27th August 2021

Fine Art Designed by YAD students

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In commemoration of the 2021 international day of the girl child, Centre LSD Young Ambassadors for Development (YAD) girls advocates participated in a workshop hosted ahead of the historic Safe School Conference in Nigeria. The three-day workshop for girls offered courses in storytelling, advocacy and influencing, and on the Safe School Declaration. YAD is the youth arm of Centre LSD and a national platform for preparing young people to address leadership and developmental issues in Africa. #youngambassadors4devt