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Supporting Advancement of Gender Equality (SAGE)

Supporting Advancement of Gender Equality (SAGE) project therefore is a response to the declining opportunities for women to participate in Nigeria’s political and electoral processes. As an illustration of this decline, of the 654 members elected to the Nigerian Senate since 1999, only 36, or six percent, have been women. To help address these challenges NDI is working with Civil Society cohorts on four distinct project areas; coordination of NGO advocacy efforts, advocacy for legal reforms, advocacy for political party reforms and entrenching a masculinities approach with the goal to increase women’s representation in public office through advocacy for policy and legal reform.

The SAGE program is bringing together some of the worlds most respected leaders to influence policy and legal reforms on women’s political and socio-economic empowerment in Nigeria. This is led by an international working group (IWG) and a National Working Group (NWG) consisting of Nigeria’s finest statemen and women to promote this noble agenda.

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