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Review of Constitution

Amendment of Sections 49 & 91 of the 1999 Constitution to Introduce Proportional Representation

Nigeria practices the single-member-district first-past-the-post system by which a party wins an election by achieving a simple majority. Though this system also known as the single member plurality voting system is simple and easy to understand, it undermines the true meaning of democracy as levels of representation are highly disproportionate.  In fact, globally this system has produced the most disproportionate outcome for women in politics as women are less likely to be selected as candidates by male dominated party structure.

This outcome contradicts the basics tenets of modern democracy, one of which is equal representation of every category of the voting population (Women, Youth, people in the rural areas, urban areas, indigenous persons and elites etc.). Disproportionate representation is a very huge problem that countries such as South Africa have addressed through the system of Proportional Representation.

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