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“Paying attention to Feed the Future has really helped me”: The Story of Diya Aliyu

Diyya and her little business
Diyya and her little business

Diya Aliyu Damma, a wife and mother of four children, is a cash transfer beneficiary in Guddare of Ujariyo/Junju community. Before the project, she was a full-time house wife who depended solely on her husband, who is a farmer, for her and her children’s daily needs. She said that during the dry season it becomes really challenging to eat well. “When I got my cash, I decided to start a business with approval from my husband. Now I buy bags of soyabean and sell in my community to other petty traders who sell kwai da kwai (soyabean cake). I buy a bag at N14,000 with about 70 mudus; each mudus is sold at N230. Every week I make between 2000-3000 Naira per bag. I bought a ram for N10,000 and after using some of the information I got from the small ruminant training, during this previous Sallah, I sold it at N30,000. I presently contribute N100 every week to my SILC group.” –Muna godiya (Thank you very much– we appreciate it).

“apart from being fortunate to be among those selected to benefit from the cash transfer of my community. I have always dreamed of starting a business of my own and the project helped me achieve that dream. I use to sell washing soaps and small polybags but with the N15,000 I get from cash transfer, I was able to start my groundnut oil business. I buy a 20-litre keg of groundnut oil every week for N9,500 which I sell at N280 per bottle (there are 40 bottles). I make about N1700 every week, especially now that fishing has picked up under the raining season in the community. People come to buy oil to fry and sell their fishes.”

Diya Aliyu Damma