Success Stories

Cash transfer has reached us in our despair

Takulu Gadema is a poor widow and registered cash transfer beneficiary of the Feed the Future Nigeria Livelihoods Project in Babi/Bacucu, whose life has been tough since the death of her husband. The responsibility of catering for the family was not quite easy for her. She narrated this challenge to Centre LSD/Feed the Future Nigeria Livelihoods team on a visit to the village. Takulu disclosed, “Since I lost my husband I could hardly send my first son to secondary school because of financial difficulties, as I was just concerned about providing daily meal for them, since I could not afford to pay school fees of 2,500 Naira to send him back to school.” However, when she received the first cash transfer, she immediately started buying and selling grains, locally referred to as Sakai, in Danko market. At the moment, Takulu makes at least 600 Naira profit every market day. And from this meagre savings, she was able to send her first son, Abdul, back to school. Abdul shared that his dream to be educated was almost ending when he lost his father, but hope has now been restored. He also said he is happy that his family can even have three square meals on their table every day. Takulu continued that apart from the cash transfer she has received, project volunteers (known as Liaisons) come to her house and teach her how she can plan for her family in order to progress. Through their lessons, she has learned immensely on savings, which has also enabled her to imbibe a habit of saving. She saves so as to be able to pay for the children whenever their schools resume. Takulu opened up saying that she has now saved some money in her local treasury, named Asusu, which she hopes to use when sending her daughter, Aisha, to secondary school in Danko, after completing her primary school sometime this year. “Whenever Aisha is going back for secondary education in Maga, Insha Allahu the money is available,” Takulu prayerfully declared.