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The Made in Ikpoba-Okha Agenda 2019: I successfully Contested for Edo State House of Assembly

In Benin, they say “ÄMENAGHAWON”, meaning what you are destined for, does not pass you bye. This was my story and encounter with Centre LSD Youths Can Lead Capacity Building. I did not know about the training until when my principal sent me to represent him and read his speech at the Opening Ceremony. That singular obedience marked the turning point in my life.

I have been actively involved in politics since 2006. My political career started with me being the financial secretary of NANs Zone B. I have been an integral part of major political parties in Edo state. I was a Pioneer member of AC now APC in Edo state, championed the youth and student mobilization for the candidacy of Adams Oshiomole and Atiku Abubakar in 2006 and 2007, Became secretary of Zone 15 Ward 5 Ikpoba-Okha PDP (2012-2017)

In these 12 years before the Centre LSD training, I have supported every party candidate from my party. Mobilized massively for their emergence and served in various positions and capacity. One thing that I never did was to contest for a state political position. I was laid back because I had no technical know-how, I was inexperience in campaigning for myself and selling my vision to the electorate. I simply had no will to actualize the dream even if I had one. Each time it crosses my mind, the fear of failure was bigger than my dream. These kept me in the same spot politically for 12 years.

Providence smiled on me in June 2018, when I was sent to the Centre LSD training in Edo State to represent my Party Chairman ADC. By divine providence, I was allowed to stay back to attend the 3days capacity building programme. The programme exposed me to a lot of things including election financing, mobilization, etc. most importantly, I learnt how to draft a breathtaking manifesto and maximize the power of the social media in election campaign. The lecture from Dr Otive particularly jolted me out of my sleep. There and then, I decided to contest for Edo State House of Assembly, representing Ikpoba-Okha. As at the time I made this decision, I did not have up to 100,000 in my account. But I had a dream worth millions of naira.

As at the time I made this decision, I did not have up to 100,000 in my account. But I had a dream worth millions of naira.

Comrade Amienye Omorogie

Immediately after the training, I purchased my nomination form, began fundraising to finance my campaign, set up a robust social media campaign platform, used the various social media platform to raise funds and campaign for votes, appeared on various conventional media (Tv, radio, newspaper, EBS radio Nigeria)to drive home my manifesto “The made in Ikpoba-Okha Agenda”, I gained recognition from the two major parties (APC & PDP) in the state. Additionally, I established political structure within the 10 wards of my constituency in Ikpoba Okha. Today, I am a well sort after political figure in my constituency.

Fortunately, I won my primaries and was declared the candidate and flag bearer for the election. I came 3rd out of over 91 political parties that contested for the position in 2019, without a single vote buying, I did community services during my campaign( free medical treatment for pregnant women and children, got support from opposition party, free cosmetic product for women, wrappers, clothes.

Although I did not emerge the overall winner, I have identified some of the weak points in my campaign. I am sure that in the next election I will do better. I have seen the lapses during the election I contested in 2019. It is now time to go back to a bigger platform and I am already planning for 2023 for House of Rep member.

Centre LSD gave me a leap, I am grateful.

Comrade Amienye Omorogie, African Democratic Congress (ADC).