Success Stories

Centre LSD Gave Me Back My Dream

My name is Margaret Benson and I am from Pakka Local Government Area. I was once a student and was in school till my senior secondary school, GDSS government day senior secondary school Pakka.

Acquiring education was my dream, but this dream was cut short by the death of my father who was the one footing the bill of my education at that time. After his death, life became unbearable, my mother couldn’t meet our needs. Feeding became almost impossible, so also was my school completion. Before his death i had finished nursery and primary school and gained admission into secondary school but had to stop in SS3 due to the inability of my mother to shoulder the responsibility alone. My mother begged me to dropped because as at then, she was training my brother in university and she said when my brother finishes she would register me in school to write WAEC and NECO because she cannot afford to train both of us at the same time.

I accepted and left school at SS3. I waited patiently with no help coming from my relatives or any other source. My mother and relatives advised me to marry but am not yet ready for marriage. My dream is to go to school, complete my education, become a doctor and clean the tears from my mother’s eyes. In September 2019, there was a call for the commissioning of Advocates for education (Masu Son Ilimi) in my community and my name was added.

When I came into the safe space, I was a very shy person, who was easily intimidated by my lack of or incomplete education. But after the orientation about the safe space and the election for the executives of the safe space in my community, on the first day, I emerged the head of the Masu Son Ilimi of Pakka, in Maiha LG. I suddenly realise I had an undiscovered leadership skill that were seeking for expression. I became vocal and transformed into an advocate to other girls and parents in the community including my mother. This gave me the rare opportunity to speak in severally town hall meetings on the importance and need for girl education.

I hope to go back to school in the next session, although I don’t know where the funds for my WAEC enrollment will come from. I hope to write my external WAEC examination. And hope to be a doctor so I can improve the health challenges in my community.

I want to thank Centre LSD under the Malala Fund for creating this safe space. You gave me the opportunity that has eluded me for years. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.