Success Stories

I Moved from being an Employee to an Employer

Mr. Onele Maxwell N. Centre LSD Leadership School Set 9 Graduand

“One of the best decisions I have made in my little journey in life is to enrol in the Centre LSD Leadership School”. It was not an easy decision to make, considering the time constraint. But I made it and it paid off.” The skills I acquired have transformed me from being an employee to an employer. Not only that, it has helped me in so many ways in improving my performance on my job.

When I started the one- year leadership training, I was an employee. Midway into the training, I became an employer. For several years, I have been indecisive about establishing a business despite having incorporated two companies for that purpose. For over three years, I did nothing about starting the business. But after the class on Leadership, Strategy and Financial Management, I caught the zeal and in November 2017 against all odds, I started off and it has been interesting. In addition, I founded an NGO and will soon be launched.

“The School has indeed put a lot of tools/skills in my hand and success is inevitable when these tools/skills are strategically applied”.

Maxwell Onele