Leadership Training Programs

Centre LSD leadership training programmes focus on both leader development (expanding the capacity of individuals for effective leadership roles and processes) and leadership development (expansion of organizations’ capacity to enact basic leadership tasks including setting direction, creating alignment and maintaining commitment).

Centre LSD runs three leadership training programmes, namely:


The Centre LSD Leadership School is set up to train leaders by attempting to unravel the complexity of leadership and offer a framework that will help people become great leaders.The school is meant for people who are motivated to become leaders and want tools to become dynamic, strategic and visionary leaders that will transform organizations and nations. The school runs for a period of one year, usually May – April and August – July. Two sets of the school are run every year. The 12th and 13th set are currently running. Admission for the 14th and 15th set has been closed. The call for applications for the 16th and 17th set will be published in December 2020.

Centre LSD leadership Institute is a flexible, one week intensive leadership training programme designed for middle level managers. We offer customized trainings for organizations and groups. To schedule a training session for your team, please fill the expression of interest form below.

The Executive Leadership Course (ELC) Targets Chief Executive Officers and heads of
organizations. It focuses on how to provide strategic leadership that is gender sensitive
and responds to changes and environment scanning. It is designed to help CEOs perform their
roles, including managing difficult workers and managers. The course is made up of 7 modules:

  1. What is Leadership
  2. Who is a Leader?
  3. Leadership and Organizational Culture.
  4. Strategic management.
  5. Managing difficult
    workers and managers.
  6. Leadership and communication, and
  7. What it takes to be a CEO.

The end goal of the course is to produce leaders/CEOs who will transform their
organisational values into actions, vision into realities, obstacle into innovations,
separateness onto solidarity, risk into reward and take their organisation into an
unimaginable height.

To participate in our ELC, please fill and submit the expression of interest form belwo

Expression of Interest form for Centre LSD Leadership Training Programmes

Centre LSD is currently developing an online portal for her leadership school programmes. Click here to see how it works.