Twenty Principles of Doing Mining Right


1. The government should ensure decent mining that will be beneficial to citizens (including future generations) and not destroy the environment.

2. The mining process should ensure local processing and value addition.

3. The resources from mining should be used for social and economic development

4. The government should support and harness the potential of small scale miners and improve the livelihood of mining communities.

5. The government should build the capacity of Nigerians to engage in innovation, research and development of the mining sector.

6. The government should build the capacity of institutions responsible for mining activities to perform optimally from exploration to fabrication, marketing and mine closure.

7. The government should ensure transparent and accountable governance of the sector with principles of open government.

8. The government should ensure that the mining companies operate in accordance with international standard and best practices with the protection of the environment, community participation and corporate social responsibility.

9. The government should ensure that communities participate in decision making with respect to the mineral sector and that there is equity in the distribution of benefits.

10. The government should ensure the enforcement of health, safety and environmental standards.

11. The government should ensure that the mining policies have focus on development and discourages transfer pricing.

12. The government should ensure proper geological and mining information system with focus on using the information for development.


13. The mining companies should practice decent mining and ensure adherence to international standards, protection of the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

14. The mining companies should ensure citizen participation and abide by the local content law.

15. The mining companies should enter into Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with mining communities and respect the spirit and letter of the MoUs.

16. The mining companies should ensure that policies and conditions are created for the health, safety, compensation and good working condition for mining workers.


17. Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) should support mining communities to improve their capacity to organize and negotiate with government and mining companies.

18. Civil Society Organisations should advocate and campaign for #Do Mining Right.


19. The Mining Communities should organize themselves and participate in decision making concerning the mining sector including participation in ownership of assets.

20. The mining companies should build their capacity to engage government and mining companies and advocate and campaign for decent mining